The Center for International and Educative Work is one of the primary tasks set by the administrative board of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. It is aimed at further integration of the University to the world educational community, cooperation with specialized educational and scientific institutions of the near and far abroad, participation in academic exchange programs and establishment of cultural connections.

The development of University’s international cooperation is provided by a widespread international service which includes the Center for International and Educative Work headed by the Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Iryna V. Mygovych.

The main aim of the center is professional development of University academic staff. It is carried out by means of cooperation with relevant foreign higher educational institutions.

The Center for International and Educative Work is an independent unit reporting directly to the rector of the university.

Main directions of work are the following:

search and elaboration of international contacts aimed at providing further perspectives for research, practical, and educational activity of University teaching staff;

coordination and support of research programs for university academic staff;

compiling of data bases of University’s teaching and academic staff going abroad, of international charitable organization and funds, etc.

The center of international cooperation fulfils the following functions:

elaborates and signs administrative agreements of LTSNU in the sphere of international cooperation: international contracts, agreements on scientific and research activities and programs, etc.;

monitors data bases of international agreements signed by the University and its detached bodies;

works with official foreign delegations and separate visiting fellows;

establishes and maintains relations with international organizations and foundations, diplomatic missions of other states in Ukraine;

organizes the process of participation of the University in the international rankings, evaluation programs and international accreditation programs;

promotes cooperation of the University with the European University Association and the International Association of Universities.

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